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Heroes Love

A Peter/Isaac Fan Community

Heroes Love: Peter/Isaac
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This is a community for fans of Peter/Isaac from Heroes to come and commune over anything and everything having to do with their relationship. Announce fic, share icons, post fanart, pimp websites, discuss scenes from episodes...

We're here to have fun!

Any and all spoilers, in-depth episode analysis and all fics should be behind lj-cuts please.

All fics MUST be cleary marked and rated.

Linking to locked fics/icons is NOT allowed. If you want to post your work here, then it should be available to the public for reading/perusing. This comm is not the place to trawl for more members for yours.

WARNING: Some of the material posted here is rated Adults Only. These must be behind cut-tags and posted with the proper warnings. Readers are advised to proceed with caution.

WARNING THE SECOND: This is a comm for a male/male relationship. If you don't like slash or this pairing, please take it elsewhere. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use this community to promote a ratings community of any kind, you will be banned - no ifs, ands or buts. Don't want to be banned, don't post a promotion. It's that simple.

Community host/co-maintainer: larakailyn and deviantfantasy
Community banner: larakailyn